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they hate to see a yulboss brynning. is that anything

today I am solving problems that I caused for myself with data wrangling by taking advantage of parsing bugs in a js mediawiki library to do "extra parsing"

Walking into the kitchen in the middle of the night and getting the fright of your life bc you forgot you had your skeleton out 💀

Sorry Gerald

I really don't see what's so bizarre about loving triangles

Syntactically valid / semantically null / morally repulsive / democracy dies in darkness or your money back / the future receding like a tide

I have also managed to get this beauty finished today. With a nice splash of violet and blends of light and dark blues, the fine lines are really able to make it that bit immersive. #sciart #mastoart

Work in progress, and the main product of my day. Particle trails, as you might see from a bubble chamber #sciart #mastoart

friends fear he's procrastinating by learning a new BDD framework

On account of them having proportionally large spikes covering so much of their body it is clear that hedgehogs are kvlt and metal, thank u for coming to my TED talk

So I was pulling up Oculus App Lab to show my dad how low rent most of the games on there are, and clicked the lowest-graphical-fidelity thing I could see, which turned out to be called "Gorilla Tag", and… and… and this is incredible. This is absolutely amazing. It is literal genius. This is both more creative and looks more fun than almost anything else on the Quest or for that matter VR in general

Here it is! Hedgehog manor
Cats can't get in it, camera now mounted inside, idk if they'll use it but we'll see

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In episode 5, "Birdie Wing! Golf Girls Story" begins to range into thorny questions of ontology.

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